Travel Philosophy

We take a holistic approach to our trips and are dedicated to promoting the spirit of adventure, expanding ecological, cultural and spiritual awareness. On our journey together, these are some of the things you can expect:

An introduction to local people, culture and nature
We strive to discover local culture, ecology and life by utilizing an assortment of transportation, from local buses to tractors to private vans. Expect to sit next to a Gaddi Shepherd or a Changpa horseman on his way to the market. Sometimes we stay in a charming bed-and-breakfast, at other times, it’s a family farm or a high-altitude tent. It’s all part of the fun and discovery of travel!

Freedom to travel
The freedom of independent travel with the security of a group is key to our adventures. We respect our travelers as individuals and do not try to second-guess their tastes and interests. Once we have reached the day’s destination, explore the area however you wish. The day is yours to discover. We can interfere as little or as much as you want us to.

Food! Food! Food!
In remote areas on trips we cook all the food fresh everyday. Our cooks are chosen for their abilities to cook sumptuous meals in adverse and harsh conditions. In town, meals aren’t included. Hey, we’re your guides, not cooks! We do, however, know the best places to eat and are here to help satisfy your palate. We give a person the chance to taste what solo travel is all about! Daring souls may also try local delicacies.

Responsible traveling
I believe that a responsible traveler doesn’t go through nature’s backyard as if he were the last person to walk there. The trips I design are tailor-made to prevent vegetation damage and erosion, respect wildlife, reduce waste, avoid littering, protect water systems, learn from cultural differences, promote the local economy… in short, develop healthy travel ethics. Please read my RT policy in more detail.

Small is beautiful
To maintain a grassroots experience and minimize cultural and ecological impact, groups are limited to 8 travelers. Our average group size is 5 – 8, and we like it this way, as we can give our travelers the very best cultural and adventure experience and increase our chances of seeing wildlife when in the Himalayas. Trip leaders are fluent in English, Hindi and the local language of the regions. Trip leaders are there to help as much – or as little – as needed.