"Risk is the heart of all Education"

- Willi Unsoeld

Summer Camps in India

There is a joy in discovering the mountains, nature and adventure, especially when you are young and you do not have the cynicism of grown-ups. We have organised school camps since 2007.

We asked ourselves – do we care about our lifestyle and the choices we have made, do we care about the environment that we live in, do we care about conserving what we have. We knew that these were important things close to our heart and we cared for them. We also knew to achieve this we had to make our contribution by working at the grass roots and that meant we work with young adults in their formative years.

Every year hence we have worked with quite a few groups of school students from India and abroad between April – June. We started having a lot of fun operating camp manali along the way we also realized how much fun it is watching children grow – frustrating too every once in a while :). But one things for sure we love working with children and we and camp manali is a complete hits with our participants or at least thats what they write on their feedback forms when their trips end. Most of them come back every year with more of their friends.

All our programs operate on a simple philosophy: ” what you love you wont destroy!!!” and the focus is on introducing children to various adventure activities and creating a bond with nature and outdoors.

Some of the Schools we work with are:

Lawrence School Sanawar - Himachal Pradesh - (Camping, Trekking programs)

Bishop Cottons Boys School - Shimla - ( Mountaineering Programs)

Scindia Girls School - Gwalior - (Trekking Programs)

YPS School - Mohali - (Camping and Trekking Programs)

YPS School - Patiala - (Mountaineering and Trekking Programs)

Indus International School - Bangalore - (Trekking Programs)

Bangalore International School - Bangalore - (Trekking Programs)