“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”

― John Muir

Snow Shoeing in India

If you love to get out and about in snow-laden landscapes but aren’t into skiing or snowboarding, why not give snowshoeing a go? It’s very easy to do – if you can walk, you can snowshoe! Strapping a pair of snowshoes to your regular walking boots, it becomes possible to traverse even the deepest snow fields. The snowshoes spread your weight so that instead of sinking, you stay on top meaning that the snowy world is suddenly your oyster.

With this new-found freedom, you can trek to places which are off-limits to most skiers and leave the ski-slope crowds far behind. All you will be able to hear is the crunch of your snowshoes connecting with the snow, leaving you to enjoy forests, mountain slopes and valleys in peace and quiet.

What is Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is simply walking / trekking in the snow. The people of snowy countries the world over have been using snowshoes for centuries to ease their progress on foot, and the ones we use are modern descendants of those original pieces of equipment. Wearing snowshoes makes the walking easier by stopping us sinking in soft snow, and giving us grip if the snow is hard or icy. The snowshoes adjust to almost any boot size, and are very easy to walk in. After a quick fitting, most people are comfortable on their snowshoes and ready to enjoy their day in around 10 minutes.

How hard is Snowshoeing
Like trekking, snowshoeing tours can be designed as easy or challenging as you wish. Small group sizes and a flexible approach ensure we can accommodate everyone’s needs and abilities. I like to find out what these are when you drop us a line, with consideration of weather and snow conditions, I can help you plan perfect itinerary for you.

One of the beauties of snowshoeing is that it is non-technical; that is to say that unlike skiing for example, almost anyone can do it without technical instruction, natural aptitude or time spent practicing, and yet it gives us access to landscapes that go way beyond the limits of the piste skier.

What sort of people go Snowshoeing?
People of all ages and abilities enjoy snowshoeing, and since we only do small groups we can adjust distance, pace and terrain according to your desires. Wandering the spectacular mountain environment surrounding the Kullu valley and Manali, usually well away from the bustle of the main ski areas, amazes those with a love of open spaces, fresh air and the natural world. Snowshoeing is ideal for people who love treks and mountains walks, non-skiers, or those seeking variety, adventure, or peace and tranquility during their winter holiday.

The town of Manali in the Kullu valley is a great snowshoeing venue, offering everything from mellow forest trails between picture postcard villages to awesome high mountain wilderness. My approach is to understand your experience level, interests and aspirations, and use my knowledge of the areas, weather and snow conditions to tailor the right trip plan for you.

When to go Snowshoeing?
The season for snowshoeing roughly mirrors the skiing season. Generally we expect good conditions from start February to end April. Mid-winter normally has the most reliable snow conditions, but of course it is cold.