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We are based in the mountain town of Manali (Himachal Pradesh) in the Indian Himalayas. Manali with its close proximity to high mountains, wild streams and rivers, loads of perfect snow, wonderful climate and amazing people is the perfect playground where we get to play with all our toys which, includes various kinds of skis, all kinds of paragliders, kites, a lot of mountaineering gear, kayaks, rafts, cycles, hiking gear, packs etc the list can go on…

It is our aim to share our world the indian himalayas with others though our journeys and to teach others how to safely enjoy and conserve the outdoors. We believe in real adventures: like climbing mountains, like kayaking wild rivers, like exploring remote regions, like facing storms, like surviving alone in the wilderness… making these adventures possible and safe, takes people who have been there and done that many times over. With our intimate knowledge and hands on experience of the Himalayas, we are just that.

With over fifteen years of experience and working with people from various cultures and backgrounds from all over the world we realized that people who join our journeys hunger for reality, a break from bonds of the civilized world. They look at their tryst with nature and adventure as their chance to reconnect with their core and realities again.

We strive to provide you with just that though all our journeys. If our hands-on experience is not reason enough, check out our Why us.

The sense of merging into infinity and being one with everything around is most easily achieved in the high Himalayas.