India Mountaineering Course - Winter

Trip Details

  • Trip Type: Mountaineering Course

  • Region: Ladakh

  • Grade: Challenging

  • Duration: 15 days

  • Max Altitude: 6000m+

  • Batch Dates: 12 - 26 Jan, 2023

India Mountaineering Course - Winter Overview

The India Mountaineering Course - Winter is for climbers who have some experience with technical climbing and high altitude. The course is designed to  provide an intensive experience for harsh winter climbing temperatures and terrain to enable winter ascents and condition the body for 8000m peaks in the spring/summer. This course is aimed for people who want to train for 7000m and  8000m climbs.


Our 15-day India mountaineering course - winter is run near Rumtse Village in Ladakh. We set up our winter base close to the Changthang Plateau. Extending from Northern and Western Tibet, the Changthang Plateau is a part of the Tibetan Plateau. The plateau's average elevation is between 4200m and 5000m and the high altitude coupled with strong continental winds makes the temperature Arctic-like, despite the latitude. Expect day temperature scarcely above freezing in the sun and night temperatures going down to -35 degrees celsius or lower during a storm.


During the 15-day India mountaineering course - winter, we will attempt to condition our bodies and mind to this harsh climate, learning how to perform basic mountaineering tasks in brutal weather conditions and other skills required for winter mountaineering and extreme high altitude. You will practice under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The objective of the course is not to summit a peak but if the conditions are favourable we will try test out our newly acquired skills on either of two unnamed 6000m peaks around the base camp at the end of the course.

Dates and Cost

Fixed Departure in 2023. 

12th Jan - 26th Jan

Trip cost:

For Indians - INR 185,000 + 5% GST

For Foreigners - USD 2800 + 5% GST.


India Mountaineering Course - Winter Objectives

- Practice expedition travel and mountaineering skills.


- Acclimatise your body and mind and perform camping tasks in extremely cold environments.


- Learn how to stay safe and perform everyday mountaineering tasks in extremely cold environments.


- Develop confidence with moving camps in the mountains, living comfortably high in the Himalayas and carrying loads in harsh winter conditions.


- Cover all technical snow and ice climbing skills necessary for climbing a peak.


- Learn about physiological and psychological aspects of climbing at high altitudes and proper acclimatisation processes.


- Learn how to Deal with problems like Frost bite, AMS, Pulmonary and cerebral edema and other cold and high altitude related injuries and how to deal with them affectively.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Leh (3300m)


Day 2: In Leh, local acclimatisation walks (3-4 hours)


Day 3: We will climb up the Leh Monastery and go to a height of 4000m and descend to Leh for the night. (5 - 6 hours)


Day 4: 4th June - Drive to Rumtsu and establish Base Camp (4200m)

We reach the Base Camp after a 3 hour drive from Leh. Establish Base camp and go for an acclimatisation walk up to 4800m. Return to Base Camp for the night.


Day 5-14: 5th - 14th June - Acclimatisation,  program curriculum including snow craft and ice craft, a quick revision of snow and ice anchors and belays, glacier travel, self-arrest, and crevasse rescue.

The group will also attempt a 6000 m peak near the Base Camp. The group will travel independently and unsupported. We will form small teams and they will do this on their own learning to camp and travel safely in the winter environment. We will have all guides also accompanying the group.


Day 15: Return to Leh and fly out. Trip Ends!

1. Camping Tents, Kitchen, Dining tents and Insulated Sleeping Pads. Sleeping bags down feather. (-35 Deg C comfort rated)
2. Nutritious, high calorie food will be served. Leh to Leh.
3. Accommodation in Leh.
4. All instruction for the Mountaineering course.
5. Cook and camp helper until base camp.
6. All Transport between Leh and BC at Rumtse in Jeeps.
7. All technical climbing gear.

- All expenses of personal nature like drinks, tips, telephone calls, mineral water etc.
- Medical and evacuation expenses, we strongly recommend to purchase suitable insurance cover.

-  Backpack / rucksack (70 lts)- This will go on Horses until BC
- Backpack small ( 20 - 30 Ltrs) - This is what you can use everyday for the hike and to go to the training area.
- Warm hiking pants and shirts/ t shirts / sweat shirt.
- T-shirt Wicking Layer.
- Good hiking shoes.
- Head light with extra batteries.
- Sunglasses.
- Suntan lotion and toiletries.
- Camera.
- Insulated Water bottle/ 750 ml flask.
- Warm fleece jacket.
- Windproof shell jacket and pants.
- Down jacket.
- Warm gloves thin to work in the ice.
- Warm gloves thick woollens usually do but if you want something water proof then that is also cool.
- Warm socks.
- Warm Beanie.
- Thermal underwear's.
- Hiking Poles.
- Raincoat.
- Personal climbing harness.
- Helmet.
- Prescribed medication if any.