India Mountaineering Courses

Our India Mountaineering courses offer a very good technical foundation from where you can begin building on all your future pursuits in the Himalayas.


Minimalism, clean climbing and simplicity are at the very core of all above14000ft India Mountaineering courses and its design. We have been actively climbing in the Himalayas across Himachal, Ladakh, Gharwal, Kumaoun and Sikkim for twenty years.


On an average our guides spend 180 - 200 days in the Himalayas guiding trips, working rescues or pursuing personal adventures. We have a lot of first hand mountaineering experience gained on some of the hardest climbs the world has to offer.


Running the India mountaineering courses has always been a logical extension of our desire to introduce and share our world with like minded people. We like to see people enjoy the mountains safely and this has been possible because we have a good outdoor education framework.


All our guides and instructors who work on our courses come from a very strong field teaching background and are chosen not just for their climbing skills but also for their ability to be able to nurture and allow learning to happen in a positive environment.


We also love the fact that we meet a lot of nice people from all over the world on our India mountaineering courses.