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Paragliding In India

At Above14000ft we offer Tandem Paragliding flights in Manali, Bir-Billing and Dharamshala. We are also one of the only companies in India offering Hike & Fly Tandem tours in Manali from Brighu Lake and at Dharamshala from Triund.


Our Hike and Fly tours caters to non flyers who want to combine a trek in the Himalayas along with a tandem flight. In Manali we have a choice to trek up to the beautiful Brighu lake (4250m) or Pathalsu Peak (4235m) in the Solang valley over 2 days and then fly back down into Manali. Or in Dharamshala you can choose to go on a trek to Triund and  fly down into Dharamshala from there the next day. 


Tandem Paragliding is flying in a Paraglider built for two people. The pilot and passenger fly front and back, with the pilot in the rear. Tandem flights are a great way to experience the thrill of flying in a Paraglider and the mountains form a totally new perspective. Passengers can even take then controls in the flight and learn about flying a Paraglider throughout the flight. The harness is extremely comfortable and the low flying speed of a Paraglider makes takeoffs and landings gentle and slow.


We now also offer three new Climb and Fly tours for experienced pilots. In Manali you have the choice of Deo Tibba (6000m) or Friendship (5250m) and in Dharamshala Moon Peak (4670m). These tours are for pilots who would like to explore high altitude mountaineering and flying.


If you are an experienced pilot and visiting Manali or Dharamshala and wish to Hike and Fly in the Himalayas then write to us, we have a ton of interesting ideas that we can share with you and probably also go fly with you.

Checkout our Manali Hike and Fly Video


Here are all the Awesome Paragliding Adventures we offer.


Deo Tibba and Indrasan Paragliding Video.

This was a flight done by friends Bryan Moore, Richard Binstead, and Shane Tighe in 2018. The Video is shot and edited by my friend Richard Binstead.