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Snow Leopard Tours India

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At Above14000ft we have the best guides to go with you on your expedition looking for the elusive snow leopard. Of course finding one in the first place is always a challenge but thats why we have such amazing guides with whom your chances will surely increase for finding Snow Leopards in the wild.

Join us on a Snow Leopard tour in India as we look for the elusive grey ghost of the Himalayas in the crags of Spiti, Lahaul, Ladakh and Zanskar. In these mountains the Grey Ghosts are both revered and feared, always spoken of in hushed tones. There is something ethereal and mystical about the creatures of whom mankind knows so little. And to watch them in their natural habitat is indeed such a unique experience. Coming face to face with one is something you will never forget in a lifetime.

Our Style

All our snow leopard tours are run on an expedition format. This also comes with its share of hardships and challenges to deal with. None of our Snow leopard tours are an Africa style safari tour. We will walk everyday into remote crags and endure sub zero temperatures and high altitude all for a chance to come face to face with the grey ghost of the Himalaya. At the end of each day we will come back to our expedition base camp to recharge ourselves and our gear. Usually these base camps will be a combination of comfortable home stays where ever available or even tents and camps if we are in a remote areas. This will also give you a first hand taste of Himalayan winters and how the locals live here.

In Ladakh places like Hemis National Park and Ulley have become famous hotspots over the last few years for sightings Snow Leopards in winters. There seems to be a growing choice of getting luxury accommodations in camps or boutique lodgers that cater to creature comforts and also offer you good chances to see a snow leopard in its natural habitat.

Ibex in Ulley - Ladakh

The Grassroots Approch

On most of our Snow leopards tours weather in Spiti or Ladakh we try to keep our experience very real, rustic and authentic. We will use local homes for stay. You will end up interacting with the local host family and learn a lot about their lives first hand by seeing them go about their everyday business.

Our Spiti Snow Leopard tours have always had some amazing sightings of snow leopards. We have had sighting as close as 20 feet on some of our Spiti Snow Leopard Tours. However getting into Spiti in winters is an adventure all on its own. We always encourage guests to try our Spiti experiences. Spiti still retains a lot of old world charm and its local culture combined with 1000 year old monasteries. In many ways Spiti still feels like a place lost in time from another era.

New Areas Opening up

Lahual and Zanskar are only now opening up in terms of accessibility thanks to an improving road and tunnel network. Not much research and work seems to have happened in these two areas with respect to Snow Leopards. However various experts working with Snow Leopards predict a fairly healthy population both in Zanskar an Lahaul valleys.

Currently we offer bespoke tours into these valleys so feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to do some exploration of your own into either of these areas and need any help running a tour.

Red Fox in Ladakh

Snow Leopard Tours that we offer currently

Snow Leopard| Wildlife | Spiti| Above 14000ft

Winters in Spiti are a great time to spot a variety of rare Himalayan wildlife like the Snow Leopard, Siberian Ibex, Blue Sheep, Tibetan Wolf, Red fox, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Tibetan Snowcock, etc. Using local home stays, wildlife spotters and guides, the tour gives you a unique opportunity to view rare wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled insight into the communities that choose to live in these harsh mountains.

  • Trip Type: Spiti Snow Leopard Tour

  • Region: Spiti - Himachal

  • Grade: Moderately Challenging

  • Duration: 10 days

  • Max Altitude: 4270m

  • Best Season: Jan - Feb

  • Trip Begins: Chandigarh

  • Trip Ends: Chandigarh

Snow Leopard| Ladakh Winter| Birding | Wildlife| Above 14000ft

One of the hardest animals to spot on the planet - the snow leopard is as elusive as it gets. Winter in the high Himalayas forces the cat to lower altitudes and easier terrain. Hemis National Park in Ladakh and Ulley provide one of the most accessible way to view the Snow Leopard in the wild.

  • Trip Type: Ladakh Snow Leopard Tour

  • Region: Ladakh

  • Grade: Moderately Challenging

  • Duration: 10 days

  • Max Altitude: 4000m

  • Best Season: Jan - Feb

  • Trip Begins: Leh

  • Trip Ends: Leh