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I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things...

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Paragliding In India

At Above14000ft we offer Tandem flights and Hike and Fly tours.


A Paraglider is a parafoil wing that looks like a parachute. Paragliders launch like a large kite, and once in the air they glide and soar depending on the competency level of the pilot. Steering is done through control lines like a ram air parachute.


Tandem Paragliding is flying in a Paraglider built for two people. The pilot and passenger fly front and back, with the pilot in the rear. Tandem flights are a great way to experience the thrill of flying in a Paraglider. Passengers can even take the controls in the flight and learn about flying a Paraglider throughout the flight. The harness is extremely comfortable and the low flying speed of a Paraglider makes takeoffs and landings gentle and slow.


We also offer complete lessons in paragliding. In these lessons, everything from basic launches and landings to ridge soaring and thermal flying are taught. We provide the equipment for the students and the training sites are in the Manali and Billing area of Himachal Pradesh.


Our Hike and Fly tours are a new offering and caters to both experienced pilots as well as non flyers who want to combine a trek in the Himalayas along with a tandem flight or fly down on their own. The idea is to trek up to 4000 - 4500m  over 2 days and then fly back down into Manali. If you are an experienced pilot and wish to hike and fly in the Himalayas then write to us and we are sure we have a ton of interesting ideas that we can share with you.